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Eurostar Eureka European Commission Centro para el Desarrollo Tecnológico industrial

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CESICCentro de Edafologia y Biología Integrada del Segura

CEBAS-CSIC is a public research center, related to the research and development of knowledge in topics related to the improvement of water use efficiency in the Mediterranean agrosystems. CEBAS will be the main responsible partner to study and monitor the effects of wastewater treated with IRIS equipment on soil, crops and yield production.


ESAMUREntidad Regional de Saneamiento y Depuración de Aguas Residuales de la Región de Murcia

ESAMUR has been chosen as the Regional Authority responsible for waste water management of Local Communities. The Pilot Greenhouse will be installed in the neighborhood to be the R&D site where tests will be carried out.



RITEC has developed a business experience and innovation in the markets on the basis of co-operation with other private and public organizations, in the field of business but also research and innovation. The product developed by RITEC needs to be built according to other greenhouse components such as climate control, structure materials and agronomic monitoring. Therefore, a close cooperation with greenhouse developers is needed in order to provide turnkey solutions perfectly functional and with the utmost effectiveness. This is the reason of choosing.



RUFEPA as a leading company in the design and construction of full equipped greenhouses, adapting them to the special conditions of each crop and each place. RUFEPA is interested to provide new solutions to the market needs of arid geographical areas where there is a growing market. The new product developed by IRIS will be offered as a full equipment in the export market. Sensors used at present in agriculture are not enough developed. Fertigation installations are not prepared to assess and monitor more than 2 or 3 parameters in normal water (pH, Na, conductivity). The new project needs to apply to agriculture, other technologies that have been developed for the water treatment industry, and therefore the expertise of CAPILIX ( and HELLEBREKERS ( in Holland is a key factor that will assure the success of the project.



Capilix has developed a microchip Capillary electrophoresis (CE) platform , which is a modular analysis system especially useful for determining concentrations of the many different metal ions and other small ions as may be present in aqueous samples, which can be measured simultaneously, i.e., in one run. This profiling of metal ion composition has several potential applications such process control in waste water treatment. Furthermore, the same instrument can be used for analysis of different classes of ions, e.g., inorganic anions or volatile fatty acids, simply by using adapted assay formats.



HELLEBREKERS will be responsible for the purification system and will contribute to the project with its expertise in the design and development of modern waste-water treatment units in Holland. Hellebrekers has technologies to clean the water of pollution but also technologies to keep the vital nutrients into the water.


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