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IRIS project presentation on the III Dutch-Spanish Water Event  (16/12/2014)

On 25th November, was held the third Dutch-Spanish Water Event entitled " Water Use Efficiency in Agriculture", under the II Mediterranean Water Forum. This technical seminar was organized to promote cooperation among enterprises, the scientific world and governments of both countries in the field of water technology. Nowdays, international collaboration is crucial to lead to new products and processes as well as to open new markets.

The event was divided into three sections: Institutional one where both countries showed their strategies and priorities for water; a second in which countries like the Spanish realities about water scarcity shared their national realities and finally a third part during which the Netherlands and Spain presented concrete projects which aim to provide a solution to some of the problems in the world arise.

The third block of presentations began with the presentation of the IRIS project as a representative example of bilateral cooperation between the Netherlands and Spain, arisen from the I Water Event in Valencia.

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